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The importance of having good computer skills

The importance of having good computer skills

Computer is an electronic device that ------ capable to store and process information in accordance with a set of instructions. Nowadays, it becomes necessary to the people all over the world. Almost people at least know the shape and the general uses of computer, although they do not know how to use thoroughly. Tell me, how many people are there that do not know about computer? It just a few people that never heard about it. It is show that computer provide many benefits for us. Thus, it is important to us to have good computer skills, in order to get its benefit.

By having good computer skills, we can quicken our work compared to people that do not have good computer skills. As example, to make proposal or assignment, we just need to type into the computer and can edit it easily if there are mistakes. Then, we just need to print out our work. It can shorten our actual time that is needed to complete the work. Say no to tired and unsatisfactory with our own handwriting. Furthermore, the type of font that is used in the computer was standardized. Therefore, it makes other people easy to read our work and no more rejecting work because of bad handwriting.

Then, by computer also, we can transfer data or save data properly. The process of transferring data can be easier and faster. It also can reduce the probability to lose data or information. Thus, we can transfer our data especially the secret data safely. For instance, for a university student that know much about computer, they will produce their assignment by using computer. Then, they can save their copy of work in the disc or thumb drive. By using these, they can look back through their work that had been saved accordingly. In contrast, the people that have lack of computer skills will face problem if they want to refer back to their work or lose their original work.

The presentation of a presenter can be only attractive if they have something to attract people to hear their presentation. It is the only way that a good computer user will do, that is by using their good skills to adapt the function of computer. They can make slide shows to represent our information and data. For instance, they use the colourful pie chart, bar graph or table to represent their data, so that people will become understand more and pay more attention to what we are talking about. Moreover, the research that had been made by a human organisation in US prove that people will pay more attention to the talk that have visual with them compared to the talk without visual.

A manager of any company will always want the skilful person to become their worker. It is because a skilful person gives more benefit to their company compared to person that has lack of skill. The person that has good computer skills has a big job opportunity in order that their skills are very useful to improve the productivity of a company. However, the companies should take time to teach and train their worker who lack of computer skills.

It is shown now that having good computer skills are important in order to adapt ourselves with the globalisation era that needs us to work fast. Besides, our country can produce skilful person and be up to date to the new technology. As a conclusion, we need to improve our computer skills, so that government mission can be achieved.By Ms.na


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